Ford Raptor Fiberglass for 2004 and newer F-150

NOW HERE !!!!  Ford Raptor front fenders, bedsides, grill, and hood.  If you have a ford F-150 and you wanted buy viagra free shipping a Ford Raptor, now you can.  The fenders are $350, the bedsides are $530, the hood is $350, the grill is $300, the headlights and tail lights are $650.

Pricing Per set:

One-Piece: $900

weight is – 60lbs

Fenders: $350


is- 5 lbs (each)

Bedsides: $530

weight is- 15lbs (each)

hood: $350

weight is- 20lbs

Grill: $300

weight is- 2lbs

Bumper skirt: $100

weight is- 1 lb


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  1. KLangeluttigPatrick says:

    What work is required on the front end to fit the new components? Also, how much would you charge to do the whole conversion?

  2. big_o7 says:

    sweet, but are there bedsides for a 6.5ft bed?

  3. PerryJr says:

    for all the glass it is $1,700.00 and $500 for the Raptor lights.

  4. snowman says:

    Is it possible to just install the grill on an 07 F150, and bypass the other accessories? Thanks!

  5. [...] raptor kit for 04-08 NOW HERE !!!! Ford Raptor Fiberglass for 2004 and newer F-150 [...]

  6. JohnnyJ says:

    Is it possible for you guys to get that grille on a 2004 ford f150 XLT ?

  7. yniq88 says:

    I am interested in the grille, the hood and the lights front and rear, how much would that run me and how much would be the shipping to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.