ExplorerForum visits with - Perry Mcneil

ExplorerForum visits with - Perry Mcneil
..I had the chance today to visit with Big Time Ford Enthusiast and Racing Legend, Perry McNeil..


..In 2008 he, his wife, and a couple others were in a serious crash in a newly built Sport Trac while prerunning the 1000...Today I got to see the pictures of the wrecked vehicle, where it happened, the hospital pics, and Perry told me the story, and it is truly amazing they survived let alone recovered to keep on racing as they do.

..I wasn't there long before I mentioned EF and right off the bat he starts talking about his boy's heading out to Truckhaven and another trip with EF and how they are doing today so we settled in and got to do a bit of good ol talking in between our phones ringing and us screening our calls on a busy work day so we could continue to chat...

I hope you Enjoy..


..These questions are often asked here on the Forum...

Can I get fiberglass for my Ranger, Explorer, Sport Trac?
Who builds bumpers and roll cages for our trucks?
Does anybody race Sport Tracs, Explorers, or Rangers anymore?
Is the TTB any good offroad?

..Perry Mcneil can simply answer all those questions for you as he has been producing, racing and winning with these vehicles for years and still is winning the races to this day..

..In fact when asked about what race kits he's building now he said, "There's a lot of guys out there building "A" arm kits. I build "I" beam kits and they are proven winners and you can beat the snot out of them and they can take it".

..Did you ever wonder whose yellow Explorer was the banner for the "Whoops" section here?..It is one of the famous yellow Explorers from Mcneil Racing..;) ..(there used to be a video of it somewhere)

..Well, they are now on about number 20 of the famous yellow Explorers according to Perry..These pics are of the latest one as it just came back from a Tuff Truck competition..(plus an optional sub box of course..:) )

Here are a few pics I snapped and the rest of the good pics can be found here..




..What a rearend...:eek:..:D

..I hope you enjoy this and I'll try to get some more "ExplorerFoum Visits" together in the future..

..Oh yea...Did I mention their new Explorer/Raptor front end? You got to check it out..;)
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