We get a lot of emails asking about the grills we used to make for various vehicles such as the Escape, Raptor, F150, etc.  The quick answer is unfortunately, we no longer make them.  A few years back, the Ford Motor Company decided to do a massive sweep across the aftermarket automotive industry.  They shut down many business' and filed thousands of lawsuits and copyright infringement cases.  McNeil Racing was not immune to this.  Our company was literally founded by the need for aftermarket products for Ford trucks.  We've raced Ford trucks for almost 40 years, and still do to this day.  Our intentions were to provide a quality part to enhance the appearance of a Ford truck, but the lawyers at Ford didn't see it the same way.  We were forced to provide video evidence of us destroying our molds.  We'd love to still make them, but it's just flat out not going to happen.  We're a drop in the bucket for a mega corporation like Ford.  We appreciate your understanding!


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